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4 seater maxi cab

4 Seater

Classy and comfortable at the same time. Perfect for 2.

Toyota Camry

  • Point A to Point B Service - SGD55

7 seater maxi cab

7 Seater

Ride in these beauties that embrace elegance and sophistication. Enjoy the smooth leather seats that will comfort you throughout the ride.

Choice of Toyota Alphard and Toyota Vellfire.

  • Point A to Point B Service - SGD60

9 seater maxi cab

9 Seater

Ever efficient, reliable and smooth,ample space is available for a smooth ride to any destination that you like!

Choice of Mercedes Viano or Mercedes Vito

  • Point A to Point B Service - SGD65

13 Seater

Spacious enough for a big family or a group of friends. Enjoy a memorable ride with your close ones in this big boy!

Toyota Hiace

  • Point A to Point B Service - SGD75

***Note: There will be an additional SGD10 for midnight charges from 23:00hrs to 07:00hrs. Also, there will be an extra charge of SGD10 per additional stop.***

My family was very happy when I used Maxi Cab Guru last year for my family trip in Singapore. Your driver came to pick us up on time. He is really funny, friendly and guided us in regards to travelling in Singapore. Love it!

Huong Thao

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Travelling To Singapore? Let Us Take Care Of Your Transport!

Choosing The Right Maxi Cab Service in Singapore

Here’s a nightmare scenario you really don’t want to go through when you arrive at Changi Airport in Singapore without booking an airport transportation service beforehand:

You don’t know anyone, so you’re unfamiliar with the layout of the airport and you’re unsure of where to go and what to do to retrieve your luggage. You’ll end up wasting a lot of time and effort, and most probably a great deal of frustration.

So after securing your luggage, you then need to secure a proper airport van service. A regular taxi just won’t do for some people. What if there are a dozen people in your group? What if you have special equipment? Maybe several from your group are using a wheelchair. Perhaps you’re on your way to a triathlon event, and you need to transport your bikes safely. Or maybe you’re planning of riding the waves at some fabulous beach in the area, and you need to deal with your surfboards.

All these can be extremely complicated when you’re trying to deal with transportation. It is highly likely that you’re going to have to negotiate a deal with several taxis in the airport.

But what if what you get is somewhat unprofessional? They may be rude and they may not even have a clean and comfortable taxi for you to ride in. The drivers may not know the best route to your hotel. It’s even possible that your taxi isn’t well-maintained enough that it can break down on the road!

This is certainly one situation you don’t want to be in when you’re travelling to Singapore!

A More Agreeable Alternative

Imagine, if you will, your ideal arrival at Changi Airport in Singapore. An extremely respectful chauffeur is immediately on hand to greet you. The chauffeur then escorts you to a spotless and comfortable airport limo, where you can relax in comfort after a long flight. Your luggage and other special equipment will be handled to your satisfaction.

As you ride in a comfortable maxi cab from Changi airport you can get your bearings, interact with your group or family members, and perhaps check your emails and other smartphone tasks. The experienced chauffeur can guarantee a smooth ride to anywhere you need to go, and you won’t have to worry that the well-maintained vehicle will break down at any point during the ride. You will be safely dropped off at your hotel or home destination and your needs for any stopover along the way can be accommodated.

It’s the best way to get around Singapore from the airport. No fuss, no hassles, and no problems. That’s the promise of Maxicab Guru, and it’s an experience that you’re guaranteed to get, which can be such a relief when your flight is uncomfortable and long.

In addition, this airport limo service isn’t limited to just airport pickup. You can use it for all your transportation needs in Singapore. Here you can have a perfect service that can provide an ideal transportation for various sightseeing tours. What are the best routes to take so you can get a great glimpse of the city from your vehicle? Where are the great parks, and which roads should be avoided because of the traffic? Your driver will know where to take you, so you better get your digital camera ready.

Ask the chauffeur for recommendations regarding the best food establishments in the area, and you’ll be able to get the most interesting introduction to the best of Singaporean cuisine. Its’ time for you to taste the wonderful Hainanese steamed chicken on rice or the not-so-spicy chili crab. Try the different Laksa variants, which consist of rice noodles in spicy coconut curry soup, mixed with chicken meat, eggs, fish cakes and shrimp.

Why Hire Maxicab Guru?

So why book an airport pickup service? And why pick Maxicab Guru in particular? Here are some compelling reasons that make this an easy choice to make:

1. Super-efficiency.
Everything you need done by your transport service will be done with impressive efficiency. It doesn’t matter if it is a problem for another taxi service. For Maxicab Guru, there is always a solution in place.

For example, if you have a large group of people travelling with you that a regular airport taxi pick up can’t handle, then you can get a Changi airport maxi cab that can fit up to 13 people comfortably in a single vehicle.

What about special equipment? Maxicab Guru can accommodate those needs as well. There are special setups in place that allows the quick and easy transport of wheelchairs. If you’re bringing bikes or surfboards along, these can be handled easily as well.

All this efficiency can save you a lot of time and effort, simply because you had the foresight to book the maxi cab at Changi airport service beforehand. You’ll also be spared the frustration of arranging for some appropriate transport on the fly.

2. Dependability.
Arriving at the airport in Singapore seems like a perfect place where you can see Murphy’s Law at work in various imaginative ways. Every factor just makes it easier for things to go wrong. After all, the airport has different rules and procedures so you won’t really know what to do to secure a proper transport service. So chances are that something will go wrong.

But now you can depend on the reliability of Maxicab Guru, and everything goes right. The drivers are all experienced, so they know what to do every time. IF something comes up that’s not according to plan, they know what to do. They’re super-prepared for all types of contingencies and they plan things meticulously so they can minimize the chances of something going wrong in the first place.

Travelling To Singapore? Let Us Take Care Of Your Transport!

3. Increased comfort and productivity.
The efficiency and reliability of this maxi cab airport service can really give you peace of mind, and you won’t have to worry about anything.

So this means you can really maximize your time right at the start. You want to feel comfortable after a rather long flight, boring flight attendants, and humorless airport security? Here in a super comfy ride you can finally relax, even before you get to your hotel. You can also whip out your smartphone and check your emails for any further business development you need to be aware of, or you can check in with folks back home to assure them that you’re safe and sound.

The car or van you can get will be newer than the cars you can get from the other taxi services at the airport. That makes them much more comfy and more pleasurable to ride in. You can also have some stopovers along the way, as you can pick up a nice meal or electronics at some shop, or buy the latest gadgets for the people you’ll meet.

Once you’ve reached your hotel, you can arrange for some tour rides around Singapore, and your driver can give you great itinerary that includes the best roads for sightseeing and the best restaurants for exploratory eating. You’ll be able to find out the very best that Singaporean cuisine has to offer.

And when you’re scheduled to leave, the same taxi service can provide you with a great maxi cab to Changi airport. The transportation to airport service will once again be efficient and quick, and the airport dropoff will be right on time for your departure.

4. Reasonable rates.
It may seem that such a fantastic service can be very expensive. But that’s not the case at all. In fact, even though Maxicab Guru offers newer and bigger vehicles, the costs are actually lower than what you’ll be charged by other taxi services. There aren’t even any advance-booking fees to worry about!

Take a look at the cost of midnight charge. For other taxi services, this may cost $12.However for Maxicab Guru, it’s set at just $10.

You may have some extra stops along the way from the airport to the hotel. That will cost you a whopping $20 per stop with other taxi services. Maxicab Guru will only charge a mere $10.

Choose Maxicab Guru Now

If you’re headed to Singapore any time soon, solve all your problems right away by booking the Maxicab Guru Service. Now you won’t have any trouble arranging for transport even if you have a dozen people in your group. You won’t have to worry about your special equipment like wheelchairs, surfboards, and triathlon bikes. You can stop at some point along the way, and you won’t pay too much for the privilege. The cars are newer and super comfy, so you can relax and become productive right away.

Everyone knows that air flight services these days can be harrowing and uncomfortable. Don’t make things worse by not planning on proper airport transportation right away. Get in touch with Maxicab Guru today.

Travelling To Singapore? Let Us Take Care Of Your Transport!